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Male Suicide Prevention Training

  • Are you concerned about the high male suicide rate in Australia?
  • Do you want to learn how to spot a man at risk of suicide?
  • Do you want to find out what action you can take to help Stop Male Suicide

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How You Can Stop Male Suicide 

Suicide kills six Australian men a day and costs the economy an estimated $13.75B.

We know suicide is preventable; we know that men are three times more likely to take their own lives and we know that most approaches to suicide prevention are more effective at helping women.

One of the reasons we are less effective at helping suicidal men is that the number one tactic we use to prevent suicide in Australia, is to try and spot suicidal people and then take action to stop them from taking their own lives.

The major flaw in this approach is that the majority of people who are reported to be suicidal are not men, but women. As such, this traditional approach to suicide prevention can be considered to be more “female-friendly” than “male-friendly”.

Our Male Suicide Prevention training tackles this challenge head on by revealing how we can learn to spot men at risk of suicide, even when men are less likely to tell us that they are feeling suicidal and thinking about taking their own lives.

We show you how you can build on the strengths of traditional “female-friendly” approaches to suicide prevention and introduce you to a new, “male-friendly” model of suicide prevention, that is designed to help you to take action to stop male suicide.

About The trainer

Glen Poole has 20 years experience working with men and boys in the UK and Australia. He is a leading authority on men’s issues, founder of the Stop Male Suicide project in Australia and author of the book You Can Stop Male Suicide.

What the course covers

The course uses a combination of instructional learning, group discussion and practical exercises to covers the following four key learning areas:

  • The pathways to male suicide, which men and boys are most at risk of suicide and why?
  • How to spot a man with a suicide plan and knowing what action you can take
  • To talk or not to talk, understanding the ways men cope and how to work with masculine strengths to help men get help
  • Keeping suicidal men safe, a solution-based approach to help stop male suicide

The course will give you more knowledge, more skills and more confidence to take action to help stop male suicide.


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