Join Us


Do you want to join us in the drive to Stop Male Suicide in Australia in 2016? Here are four ways you can get involved with the Stop Male Suicide project if you want to:

  • Be Part Of The Stop Male Suicide Seminars

We want people to learn more about male suicide in 2016 and one way we’ll be taking action is by hosting a series of eight regional seminars around Australia. You can help us make this happen by:

  • Recommending a speaker or facilitator you think should to be involved
  • Booking your place on one of the seminars
  • Helping us to spread the word by telling everyone you know who wants to help Stop Male Suicide about the seminars in their area

Find out more about this at our Stop Male Suicide seminar page.

  • Take Part In A Stop Male Suicide Talk, Training or Workshop 

We’ll be bringing the Stop Male Suicide project to every region of Australia in 2016 and if you’re committed to helping Stop Male Suicide in your community then we’d love to work with you by offering:

  • One day workshops on building your capacity to Stop Male Suicide
  • Half day training programs on male suicide prevention
  • Talks and discussions on male suicide tailored to meet your needs

If you’d like to host or attend a Stop Male Suicide event in your area in 2016 then we’d love to hear from you. You can find out more at our Stop Male Suicide training page.

  • Talk About Male Suicide

Are you concerned about the fact that five men a day die from suicide in Australia? Do you want to do more to support the drive to prevent male suicide from taking nearly 2,000 men’s lives every year?