The Stop Male Suicide project’s new book on male suicide prevention is available to order today.

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Every day, six men and boys living in Australia take their own lives. We know that stopping male suicide isn’t easy, but there are some simple steps we can all take to help accelerate the drive to Stop Male Suicide in Australia.

Our new book, called “How You Can STOP MALE SUICIDE In Seven Simple Steps” outlines: 

  • The latest facts about male suicide in Australia
  • The groups of men at most risk of male suicide
  • The pathways that can lead men to suicide
  • The warnings to help spot a man at risk of suicide
  • Tips on talking with and listening to suicidal men
  • Strategies to help stop male suicide
  • Advice on helping suicidal men to access help and support

In addition, the Stop Male Suicide book contains two bonus sections on men, manhood and masculinity to help you explore the role of sex, gender and gender politics play in male suicide prevention.

This new book is a great resource for anyone who is committed to and passionate about stopping male suicide. It’s based on broad range of international research and good practice, all presented in a style that is quick to read and easy to understand.

“How You Can STOP MALE SUICIDE In Seven Simple Steps” is available now and you can order copy today using the button below:

The book costs $26 plus $5 package and postage within Australia. Discounts are available if purchasing five or more books. Contact for more information.

If you’d like the book delivered outside Australia the price is $26 plus $10 package and postage and be ordered using this button: