The Stop Male Suicide project is on a mission to make it easier for everyone who cares about preventing male suicide to take action that makes a difference. We want to create a world everyone learns to love the magic of being alive and every man and boy is just one conversation away from whatever help and support he needs.


  • To Help People Learn More: building our collective capacity to prevent male suicide in Australia and beyond;
  • To Help People Listen More: and transform the way the world listens to men and boys in the process ;
  • To Help People Love More: and create a global culture that celebrates men, manhood and masculinity.

As an evolving project (launched in January 2016), we are going through an intense period of learning and listening and right now what we’re committed to this year is:

  1. Building an extensive network of allies and supporters
  2. Expanding our knowledge of male suicide prevention
  3. Raising awareness of the Stop Male Suicide message across Australia
  4. Helping to build the capacity of our network to Stop Male Suicide through seminars, workshops, training, talks and the sharing of best practice


Men at risk who we will direct to existing resources such as: 

  • Self Help (tips and advice from credible sources)
  • Support  Services (helplines, support groups and online resources)
  • Safety Plans (information on how to plan to keep them safe at times of distress)

Concerned individuals who may want to learn more about how to:

  • Look out for signs of suicide
  • Listen to and talk with men at risk of suicide
  • Find out how to take action to stop male suicide

Community level groups, services, workplaces  and other partners who need to:

  • Know how to identify men at risk 
  • Develop their understanding of men’s pathways to suicide
  • Learn more about ways to stop male suicide

Strategic level partners such as policy makers and researchers who we want to see:

  • Name it (i.e. name male suicide as a gendered issue)
  • Aim it  (i.e. target more time, energy and resources on male suicide prevention)
  • Main it (i.e make male suicide a mainstream issue right across society)