Program for Stop Male Suicide in QLD seminar, June 2017




9.00am: Registration


9.30am: Opening remarks, Glen Poole, Stop Male Suicide projet

9.50am: Lived experience speaker, Steven Charlesworth, explains how his experience of living with a skin condition; coming to terms with his sexuality and being a victim of bullying led him to consider suicide as a young man.

10.05am: Bronwen Edwards speaks about empowering men to share their stories to help other men. Bronwen is the CEO of Roses in the Ocean, a lived experience organisation founded on and operating through the lens of lived experience.  She is a co-designer and facilitator of their speakers program “Voices of In-Sight” which has trained over 150 speakers across Australia since 2014.  Bronwen explores the power of storytelling to make real connections with audiences of any size, and discusses the benefits to both the speaker and those who hear their lived experience story.

10.25am: Justin Geange, is a community ambassador for RU OK? as well as being a part of the Suicide Prevention Australia Lived Experience Speakers Bureau. He is a plumber by trade and has spent the last 21 years in the construction and rail industries. Having his own battles with Bipolar and Depression, Justin is passionate about starting conversations with people in regards to Mental Health and suicide prevention. Justin now works as a field officer for the suicide prevention charity, MATES in Construction Queensland.


11.15am: Alexander Robey, who is a registered clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, mediator and international facilitator, shares his experience of working with men at risk of suicide and explains how 15 minutes outside the therapy room can be worth hours within the session.

11.35am: Mark Hamilton of Unlocking Your Life is a former carpenter with personal experience of suicide. He now works I am now an intuitive energy healer, psychic medium and empath. In this talk he will explain the process he uses to help people to deal with feelings of suicidality.

11.55am: Three ways we can help men to believe in their own resilience. Nicki McCosker-Dell of Resilient Thinkers is a counsellor (specialising in Suicide Bereavement Counselling), has a Masters in Suicide Prevention, and has lived experience with suicide.  Nicki is passionate about inspiring & motivating people to consciously develop their emotional resilience, and will talk about 3 key ways we can all help men to believe in their own innate resilience.

12.15pm: LUNCH


1.15pm: Belinda Jane: Are we still accepting the stereotypical images and ideas of what a man ‘should be’ and not allowing and accepting men as they truly are?  Belinda Jane has worked within the healing and wellness industry in Mackay and Brisbane since 2000, with a special interest in the soulful and energetic components of health and wellbeing. She regularly conducts safeTALK presentations in the Mackay area as a member of The Grapevine Group.

1.40pm: Mark McConville, Comedian and Suicidologist talks about Using Humour and Laughter to Prevent Suicide. Mark combines comedy and laughter with the latest information and research in the field of Suicidology to produce a fun, yet very powerful experience. He includes practical humour based tools for participants to use in their personal and professional lives to help reduce levels of stress, depression and suicidality.


2.45pm: Amanda Sillars of the Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation will talk about Parental Alienation, which has been associated with suicide and suicidality in both alienated parents and alienated children. She’ll discuss some of the causes of Parental Alienation; explain some of the tactics used by alienating partners and outline some of the impacts of alienation on adults and children. Amanda’s talk will also touch upon research the Foundation’s is conducting in partnership with the University of Tasmania.

3.10pm: Paul Mischefski on The Importance Of Men’s Support Groups and Networks. Paul is an executive board member of the Australian Men’s Health Forum and a former vice-president of Queensland not-for-profit organisation, Men’s Wellbeing Inc.  Paul will talk about the risks posed by isolation in men, and the positive effects Men’s Wellbeing’s Common Ground men’s groups and Open Ground gatherings are having across four States in Australia.

3.30pm: Pete Nicholls is CEO of Parents Beyond Breakup (PBB) and has facilitated one of PBB’s Dads In Distress support groups in Sydney CBD. The charity’s objectives include providing support services for separated parents and raising awareness of suicide, particularly where it relates to divorce and separation. Pete will talk about the impact that PBB’s work is having on reducing the risk of suicide in separated dads.

3.50pm: Glen Poole, Stop Male Suicide project, closing comments.

4pm: CLOSE


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