Call for speakers: Stop Male Suicide in QLD

The Stop Male Suicide project is calling for expressions of interest from speakers interested in taking part in this year’s Stop Male Suicide in QLD seminar to be held in Brisbane on Thursday 15th June.

Last year’s event was a great success, featuring speakers from a broad range of organisations including: Lifeline; R U OK?; MATES In Construction; the Australian Men’s Health Forum; Complete Men; Spur Projects; Roses In The Ocean; CORES; CAPS (Community Action for the Prevention of Suicide) and the  Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation.

We’re now seeking expressions of interest from anyone with an interest in male suicide; men’s health and wellbeing and male suicide prevention, who has information, ideas and experiences to share, that could inspire others to take action to Stop Male Suicide.

We’d also love to hear from anyone who has suggestions and recommendations for people they’d like to hear speak at Stop Male Suicide in QLD seminar.

If you’re interested in speaking at this year’s event or would like to recommend a speaker then please contact us today at:

This year’s Stop Male Suicide seminar series is free to attend. If you want to come along and take part, make sure you reserve your place today, using the links below:

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