Gus Worland calls for Government taskforce to Stop Male Suicide

Triple M’s Gus Worland has called for a Government taskforce to be established to stop male suicide in Australia. Worland’s call came as the first episode of his new three-part documentary series on male suicide, “Man Up“, was broadcast on ABC.

According to a report by, Worland is committed to lobbying the Government to take action to tackle male suicide.

“We need to do something urgently. We need a taskforce. I’ll go to Canberra and shout it from the rooftops if I have to. We need to spread the message and take action. The number one killer of young men is suicide — more than road accidents, more than drugs, more than disease. Among many other worthy issues, I believe this is the most critical problem we face as a nation.”

Suicide kills six men a day in Australia and is costing the economy an estimated $13.75B a year. According to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics,  a total of 3,027 people died by suicide in 2015. Of these 2,292 (75.7%) were male and 735 (24.3%) were female.

In 2015 the annual Gender Suicide Gap (the statistical difference between male and female suicide) was 1,557 lives lost. Closing the Gender Suicide Gap in Australia would save 30 men’s lives a week and and save the economy $9.34B a year.


Man Up is principally financed by the Movember Foundation in association with the University of Melbourne and produce by the ABC. The first program will be broadcast at 8.30pm October 11 on ABC and will be available on iview.

For more information on the program and the Man Up campaign see:

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