Closing the Gender Suicide Gap would save 30 men’s lives a week

FACTS Gender Suiside Gap sept 2016 JPG.jpg

According to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics,  a total of 3,027 people died by suicide in 2015. Of these 2,292 (75.7%) were male and 735 (24.3%) were female. The number of male suicides has risen by 41% in the past decade from 1,624 in 2006 to 2,292, with men accounting for 75.7% of all suicides.

The Breaking The Silence Report (a seminal report from Lifeline Australia; Inspire Foundation; OzHelp Australia; Centre for Mental Health Research, ANU; Suicide Prevention Australia; The Salvation Army and The Brain Mind Research Institute;) estimated the cost to the economy of each life lost to suicide at $6m using a figure called the Value of a Statistic Life (VoSL). Based on this figure, the annual cost of to the economy of male suicide in 2015 approximately $13.75B and the cost to the economy of female suicide was $4.41B

In 2015 the annual Gender Suicide Gap (the statistical difference between male and female suicide) was 1,557 lives lost and $9.34B in terms of the cost to the economy.

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