Men, We Need To Talk, Says Movember Founder

Adam Garone, the co-founder of the Movember Foundation, has a message for men: “we need to talk”.

“It’s impossible to talk about suicide without talking about poor mental health,” says Garone. “Helping men stay mentally healthy is an important component and that getting men to talk about the ‘big’ stuff will result in an improvement in mental health and a reduction in their suicidal behaviour.”

“We’re pretty good at talking about sport, work, the latest gadget, or the latest film but as men we need to get better at talking about the significant stuff going on in our lives — things like losing a job, the breakdown of a relationship, a significant set back, or becoming a father for the first time. These things happen regularly and, for some, have the potential to derail us or just be more challenging than perhaps we’d imagined. A conversation at these times can help you remain on top of things.”

You can read the full article here.

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