Act-Belong-Commit Campaign featured at Stop Male Suicide in WA seminar


The work of the Act-Belong-Commit campaign will be featured at the Stop Male Suicide in WA seminar, to be held in Perth on Wednesday 19th October.

The mental health campaign will be represented by Health Promotion Coordinator, Sarah Graham and one of the initiatives ambassadors, Garth Civil.

Garth, a career fire fighter, and Avon Descent paddler of 13 years who says the Act-Belong-Commit message helps remove mental health stigma and promotes a sense of belonging in his workplace.  Garth believes the Act-Belong-Commit message is a way of life, and that everyone can be healthier and happier if they adopt the campaign’s principles.  He is a passionate advocate for Act-Belong-Commit and is committed to spreading its messages about keeping mentally healthy.

Sarah graduated from Curtin University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science (Health Science) degree. Since then Sarah has been employed as the Health Promotion Coordinator for the Act-Belong-Commit campaign, based at Curtin University’s Shenton Park campus. Her role involves coordinating mass-media advertising, forming strategic partnerships, administering message promotion sponsorships and delivering educational strategies to the community.

If you want to help Stop Male Suicide in WA, find out more at the links below:

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