Suicide prevention funding not reaching men says Labor senator


Funding and resources that should be used to prevent suicide in Australia are not reaching men according to the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and Labor Senator for South Australia, Senator Penny Wong.

Male suicides increased by 30% in the decade from 2004 and 2014 with men and boys being three times more likely to take their own lives than women and girls.

However, according to a press release issued by Senator Wong, government funding has focused heavily on suicide intervention, rather than suicide prevention.

“Given that 80 per cent (sic) of suicides in this country are men, it is clear that resources and funding are not reaching this demographic adequately,” says Wong.

Glen Poole, founder of the Stop Male Suicide project said:

“Suicide takes the lives of eight people every day in Australia and six of them are male. The failure to tackle suicide as a gender issue means we are failing to target men at risk of suicide effectively.

“We know that closing the gender suicide gap in Australia would saves the lives of nearly 1,500 men a year save the economy close to $9 Billion.”

“We welcome Senator Wong’s comments about the failure to target men at risk of suicide. Both major parties have made suicide an election issue but consistently fail to talk about the urgent need to tackle male suicide specifically.

“Labor and Liberals are both guilty of ignoring the needs of men and boys at risk of suicide. Earlier this week, for example, Labor’s Queensland Treasure announced $9.6 million funding, for suicide prevention, but made no mention whatsoever of how this money would be used to target men.”

Senator Wong’s comments were made in Brisbane where she joined Labor candidate for Brisbane, Pat O’Neill to meet with a local mental health organisation, Spur.

Spur projects, which focuses on male suicide prevention, recently took part in a Stop Male Suicide in Queensland seminar hosted by the Stop Male Suicide project.

According to Wong:

“A Shorten Labor Government will provide $500,000 for Spur projects, which will ensure they can continue their important work in the Brisbane community on suicide prevention.”

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  1. George Jack says:

    Recognise and Cease the discrimination against men, bring back accountability of public servants, professionals and government members local council through to federal, eradicate the jobs created out of talk fest’s particularly those simply justifying the talkers employment, create contributory employment that benefits everyone not just some freeloading profit corporation wanting cheap or slave labour – then you may see a reduction not only in male suicide but also all the caring members of society who are sickened by the ever increasing madness and delusion occurring around them.


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