Australia’s Gender Suicide Gap

Closing the Gender Suicide Gap in Australia would save 1,557 men’s lives a year and save the economy $9.3B.

The economic cost of suicide is calculated using the Value of a Statistical Life (VoSL) figure of $6 million (see here for more information).

Area No. Suicides 2015 Cost of Suicide 2015 Gender Suicide Gap
Male Female Male Female Lives Cost
NSW 621 194 $3.726B $1.164B 427 $2.562B
VIC 501 153 $3.06B $918M 348 $2.068B
QLD 568 178 $3.408B $1.068M 390 $2.340B
WA 292 102 $1.752B $612M 190 $1.140B
SA 174 62 $1.044B $372M 112 $672M
TAS 67 18 $402M $108M 49 $294m
NT 32 18 $192M $108M 14 $74m
ACT 36 10 $216M $60M 26 $156
ALL 2,292  735 $13.752B $4.410B 1,557 $9.342B


Australia Bureau of Statistics, 3303.0, Causes of Death, Australia, 2015

Breaking The Silence report (2010)

NB: Suicide data is subject to revision.These figures are taken from the ABS and the regional figures may not tally 100% with the total national figures.

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