Spur Projects supports Stop Male Suicide in QLD seminar

Spur Projects is supporting the Stop Male Suicide in QLD seminar, to be held in Brisbane on Friday 3rd June 2016.

Spur Projects describes itself as “an evolving idea”. The project believes that “to tackle the rate of suicide amongst men in Australia, bold new approaches to suicide prevention are required”. Spur Projects produces innovative mental health campaigns that aim to reduce the rate of suicide in Australia, such as the “Soften The Fck Cup” initiative.

Lee Crockford, the CEO of Spur Proejcts, will be speaking at the seminar that will bring together people who are committed to taking action to help Stop Male Suicide, which currently takes the lives of six men in Australia every day.

Lee is passionate about mental health, social change, the arts, education and innovation. His work with Spur Projects led to him receiving Australasian Men’s Health Forum’s “Youth Contribution Award”.

If you want to help Stop Male Suicide in QLD, find out more at the links below:

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