Roses in the Ocean supports Stop Male Suicide in QLD seminar

Roses in the Ocean is supporting the Stop Male Suicide in QLD seminar, to be held in Brisbane on Friday 3rd June 2016.

Roses in the Ocean is an organisation that exists to change the way suicide is spoken about, understood and prevented. They are committed to empowering communities to prevent suicide through the sharing of lived experience and strong collaboration with service providers from mental health, suicide prevention and social services.  It works to highlight the insights and wisdom that comes with lived experience of suicide; supports people to utilise the voices of lived experience in community events, and promotes the protective factors against suicide.

Bronwen Edwards, founder of Roses in the Ocean,  will be speaking at the Brisbane seminar, that will bring together people who are committed to taking action to help Stop Male Suicide, which currently takes the lives of six men in Australia every day.

Bronwen’s brother, Mark, took his own life in 2008. Her family gathered at his favourite beach and placed roses in the ocean and spoke to their children about their Uncle’s death. As a result Roses in the Ocean was born.

Find out more about Roses in the Ocean here.

If you want to help Stop Male Suicide in QLD, find out more at the links below:

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