QLD Seminar Speaker Biographies

We have a great line up of guest speakers taking  part in the  Stop Male Suicide in QLD Seminar, in Brisbane on 3rd June 2016. To see the full program and find out how to register, click here now.


Justin Geange 

Justin is a community ambassador for R U OK?, a member of Suicide Prevention Australia’s Lived Experience Speakers Bureau and a Community Rehabilitation Support Worker.  A plumber by trade, Justin has experienced bipolar and depression and is committed to starting conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.

You can see him sharing his story for Rail R U OK? Day on YouTube.

Rhett Foreman 

Rhett is a 42-year-old father, husband, builder, surf life saver and former Muay Thai fighter. He has 16 years experience of living with and managing bi-polar disorder and has assisted close friends, work mates and others in getting help for their mental health challenges.

You can see him sharing his story with The Shed Online here.

Tim Fisk, Complete Men

Tim Fisk has survived his own personal battle with mental illness; including a suicide attempt, bankruptcy and addiction. A key component of his recovery has been helping others to discover and lead more fulfilling lives through the Complete Men’s groups Tim facilitates.

You can find out more about the Complete Men project here.

Jorgen Gullestrup, Founding Manager, MATES in Construction (MIC)

Jorgen is Founding Manager of MATES in Construction, which operates across four states and has a network of over 8000 Connectors – “a mate who can keep you safe while connecting you to help”.  Based on his own lived experience and an understanding of the construction industry he was one of the architects of the program.

Find out more about MATES in Construction here.

Lee Crockford, CEO, Spur Projects

Lee Crockford is passionate about mental health, social change, the arts, education and innovation. He is CEO of Spur Projects, and project with works in the area of men’s mental health and suicide prevention and led to Lee receiving Australasian Men’s Health Forum’s “Youth Contribution Award”.

Find out more about Spur Projects here.

Bronwen Edwards, Founder, Roses in the Ocean

When Bronwen Edwards’ brother, Mark, took his own life in 2008, her family gathered at his favourite beach and placed roses in the ocean and spoke to their children about their Uncle’s death. As a result Roses in the Ocean was born, an organisation committed to empowering communities to prevent suicide through the sharing of lived experience.

Find out more about Roses in the Ocean here.

Camelia Perkins 

Camelia has a background in Suicide Research and Prevention and has worked in various reference groups providing consultancy to regional and local committees around suicide prevention.  Camelia provides education around suicide prevention using a Gate Keeper program developed by the WHO and is a trainer for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.

Troy Holland

Troy is committed to respectful community practice and has worked as a psychologist across a variety of health settings. He recently completed a Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work. One of his preferred practices is the co-creation of collective knowledge documents of the ways people have responded to get through hard times.

Ross Romeo, Queensland, CORES

Ross Romeo is the Queensland co-ordinator & counsellor for CORES (Community Response to Eliminating Suicide) Australia. A former cane farmer, Ross was born, bred & raised in the Burdekin. He is also the School Chaplain at St Francis Ayr. Ross joined CORES in 2009 after losing his best mate to suicide in 2005.

Find out more about CORES here.

Shana Challenor, CAPS (Community Action for the Prevention of Suicide)

Shana has worked in the community sector for over 13 years in the areas of mental health, suicide prevention, intervention and education. She has an in depth understanding of the sector’s complexities and the challenges faced by those needing help and support. Shana is committed to building individual and community capacity to tackle suicide.

Find out more about Community Action for the Prevention of Suicide here.

Nicole McPhee, Lifeline

Nicole McPhee is the Statewide Corporate Training Co-ordinator for Lifeline, which is provided in Queensland by UnitingCare Community).

Find out more about Lifeline here.

Natalie Whale, R U OK? Ambassador

Natalie Whale’s father took his own life in 1991, shortly before her 17th birthday. In 2014, Natalie decided to honour the death of her father by lending some of her skills to RUOK? and becoming a community ambassador, sharing her personal story to help inspire others. She also volunteers for Lifeline.

Find out more about R U OK? here.

Casey Lyons, Co-Founder, LIVIN

Casey Lyons co-founded the charity LIVIN in 2013 in honour of his best friend, Dwayne Lally, who took his own life. LIVIN is committed to tackle mental health stigma and connecting, supporting and inspiring people to talk about their feelings, issues and problems and spreading the message that “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”.

You can find out more about LIVIN here.

Amanda Sillars, Founder, Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation 

Amanda Sillars founded the Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation (EMMM), an organisation dedicated to helping people experiencing, or at risk of suffering, parental alienation. Amanda experienced alienation from her mother, who took her own life in 1993. EMMM is equally concerned with the impact of parental alienation on fathers and sons.

You can find out more about EMMM here.

To see the full program and find out how to register, click here now.

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