MensLine supports Stop Male Suicide seminar in NSW

On The Line, the charity that runs the national MensLine counselling service, is supporting the Stop Male Suicide in NSW seminar, to be held in Sydney on Tuesday 31st May.

James Fowles, a Senior Manager at On The Line, is speaking at the seminar that will bring together people who are committed to taking action to help Stop Male Suicide, which currently takes the lives of six men in Australia every day.

James is a senior social worker with over 8 years’ experience in the mental health sector. James is the Senior Manager, Development and Innovation at On the Line (MensLine Australia, the Suicide Call Back Service, SuicideLine Victoria) and was responsible for pioneering on-demand multi-modal (telephone, online-chat and video) counselling, which is now offered across On the Line’s services including, MensLine Australia and those at risk of suicide on the Suicide Call Back Service, which is available 24/7.

If you want to help Stop Male Suicide in NSW, find out more at the links below:

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