Lifeline WA’s New CEO Vows To Tackle Male Suicide

THE new CEO of Lifeline WA, Lorna McGregor, has vowed to tackle the high male suicide in Western Australia, according to a report on the Perth Now website.

More than four men die by suicide every week in Western Australia with the cost of male suicide to the state’s economy estimated to be $170m per year. Yet securing funding to sustain Lifeline WA’s work to help prevent suicide is the biggest challenge facing the new CEO.

McGregor told Perth Now “there is so much unmet need….WA is in an economic downturn, there is an increase in unemployment, a lot of people are feeling less confident and that means they feel less able to contribute to charity. At the same time the competition for the charity dollar is increasing.”


According to Perth Now, McGregor recognises that Lifeline WA needs a place a particular focus on work to Stop Male Suicide, which claims the lives of more than 200 men a year in Western Australia. She says: “Men are far more likely to take their own lives — yet less likely to seek help — than women who are more likely to seek help.”

More than 1,000 people from WA rang the national Lifeline helpline last year with another 14,000 young people chatting online to the WA staff.

The Stop Male Suicide project will be visiting Perth in October 2016 to host one of a series of regional seminars on male suicide prevention.

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