Talk About Male Suicide

Male suicide kills five men in Australia ever day. So why do we spend so little time and energy talking about the issue? It seems we are quick to tell individual men that they need to talk and yet slow to have the types of conversations that can make a significant impact on the stubbornly high rate of male suicide.

As the Men’s Health and Information Resource Centre (University of Western Sydney) put it in their paper ‘Pathways to Despair:  The Social Determinants of male suicide’:

“Suicide is a gendered phenomenon. At least 5 men a day kill themselves in Australia; for some reason this tragedy has not taken hold of the nation’s attention to any large extent. As has been pointed out: five dead whales a day (as opposed to five males) might perhaps raise more concern and sympathy”.

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One of the aims of the Stop Male Suicide message is to generate a nationwide conversation about male suicide. And while  we want everyone to be involved in this conversation, we want it to be led by men of all backgrounds. We want to Help Men Talk about men’s issues like the high male suicide rate Australia.

Our first steps towards making this happen in 2016 will include:

  • Developing a series of ‘Focus On Male Suicide Fact Sheets’
  • Publishing a range of articles about male suicide on our website
  • Kickstarting a social media conversation using the hashtag #StopMaleSuicide
  • Supporting and promoting existing campaigns and conversations highlighting the gendered nature of suicide
  • Helping men of all backgrounds to join the conversation
  • Inviting high profile Australians to help is raise awareness of this issue
  • Providing  local and national media opportunities to Talk About Male Suicide

If you’d like to support our work or find out more about our plans to help more people Talk About Male Suicide you can email us on:

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